EST. 2013 Arsenal FC Official Supporters Club Gothenburg Sweden

We run what we call matchday events every single Arsenal match. The word ”matchday event” explains itself pretty well, we think. We get together every single Arsenal match there is at our home pub, Cheers Pub, located on Victoria Street 10. Whios welcome? All Arsenal fans are welcome. We require no membership thru Arsenal Gothenburg to be allowed to visit our matchday events but as paying member you have priority. Almost all Gooners whois visiting us, all choose to pay the hundred swedish crowns it costs to join Arsenal Gothenburg and then recieve a lot of benefits. If you visit Cheers Pub three-four times a year, the membership have paid itself.

In addition, we have other benefits. You can read about it at the membership section in the menu. Below we have made a little guide of what may be good to consider if you want to visit our matchday events and watch Arsenal with us and become a part of Arsenal Gothenburg’s family, there is also a little FAQ.

We usually say that after three to five games it will feel like you always have been with us and watched the world’s most beautiful team, Arsenal Football Club.

Some general tips

  • ALL Arsenal fans are welcome
  • It’s always good to sign up in advance if one knows that one will attend.
  • For the big games, or other games where there may be crowded paying members have priority
  • If you have notified us that wou will attend (email at the bottom of the page) we will arrange a seat for you (We are also on Facebook)
  • If all seats are booked there’s always 10 non-bookable seats in the bar
  • Be there in time, preferably one hour before kickoff
  • Feel free to go into the inner room and any other tables and introduce youself  to other Gooners
  • If you are quite early you will not have to go around and say hello since the people will come and visit you instead after they arrive
  • It is possible to just show up but then you could be  expected to stand or try to get a seat at the bar.
  • Will you showup at kickoff and you notified us that you will come the place can be ”released” if you havent told us you will be late.
  • Give it 3-5 matchday events and you will see that it feels like you have always been with Arsenal Gothenburg community and our family.


Q: Which tables belong to Arsenal Gothenburg?
A: Where the Arsenal flags hanging, and where there are small signs on the tables. Ask if you are unsure.
Q: I’ve heard that it is alot of Arsenal chants, is it always that way?
A: No, it’s usually quite good atmosphere, but if we play poor or let one goal behind us after 1 minute it could be quiet.
Q: Can I take one or two buddies with me?
A: works fine if you notify us and these buddies are Arsenal fans. As always paying members have priority
Q: We just found out that we are going to make it to kickoff, can we come?
A: Absolutely, if there are empty seats, we will solve it, otherwise you have to hang out in the bar or stand somewhere
Q: What games do you see on Cheers?
A: All matches, usually including all pre-season games.
Lacking answers to any question? Email, You can also sign up for our matchday events thru  this email.
We also have a Facebook group by the  name Arsenal Göteborg. This is a closed group and you need to apply for a membership
to get access to this.  Please go and like us on our ”Like page”, which is also named Arsenal Göteborg.
Hope you all will show up to our matchday events in the future.
Come On You Gunners!

All the best

Arsenal Gothenburg (Arsenal Göteborg)