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Below you will find different things that Arsenal Gothenburg have been recognized over during the years. This list below contain some selected things we are especially proud of from social media, the web, the papers and television.



2016-Feb Swedish TV star and Comedian Anders Jansson guest on Arsenal Gothenburg podcast

Podcast. Filip and Sebastian was hosted by comedian and TV personality Anders Jansson. Know from tv-series as 2001 Hipp Hipp!, 2010 Starke man, 2010 Vid Vintergatans slut, 2012 Intresseklubben, 2013 Halvvägs till himlen, 2015 Roliga timmen. Anders is current doing a nationwide stand-up show ”Anders Jansson – Come in and close the door.” Podcast section you’ll find in the podcast in the menu.

Länk: Anders Janssons Instagram


2016-Jan Arsenal Göteborgs Oscar once again on AFTV

Arsenal Fan Tv Oscar is interviewed by Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV after the crap game against Chelsea. Sad that the team could not do as good performace as our own Oscar!

Länk: Oscar on Arsenal Fan TV at You Tube


IMG_53032015-Dec Arsenal Göteborgs X-mas lottery 2015

X-mas lottery .This year we didnt break our record but we still manage to raise amazing 18 640SEK to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. Big thanks to the the Gooner Artist who donated a signed drawing and some other amazing drawings. It wouldnt however been possible without our wonderful members though. Big hearted and generous as usual.

Länk: Our result at their official homepage



2015-Aug  Arsenal Göteborgs Oscar on Arsenal Fan TV

Arsenal Fan TV. Oscar Axelsson from Arsenal Göteborg get interviewed by Robbie from AFTV after the win away against Crystal Palace.

Länk: Oscar on Arsenal Fan TV at You Tube


IMG_53032014-Dec Arsenal Göteborgs X-mas lottery 2014

X-mas lottery .The record year! After raising 20 000SEK in two years (9000kr + 11 000 SEK), we managed to get incredible 29 230SEK to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation this year. Much thanks to the Gooner Artist who donated a signed Arsene Wenger drawing but it had not been possible without our wonderful members.

Länk: Our result at their official homepage

IMG_53032013-Dec Arsenal Göteborgs  X-mas lottery 2013

Jullotteriet After last year’s success, where we got an almost 9000SEK, we were not satisfied with that. We wanted to beat that number and we did! Our goal was 10 000SEK. We managed to raise 11 000 SEK during our X-mas lottery.

Länk: Our result at their official homepage



2013-Sept  Hosted  Gooner On The Road

Gooner On The Road Hosted  GoonerOnTheRoad during the North London Derby. A fundraising where all the money went to Peter Andersson charity (TRIPLE NEGATIVE BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION INC) TV Channel ,TV4 Gothenburg reported exclusively. 6040SEK is raised which should be considered fantastic.

Länk: TV4


2013-Sept Arsenal Göteborg in the  Gothenborg Post (GP)

Göteborgsposten GP is doing a interview with our chairman John Pekkari about supporter culture whois followed by a photo shoot at our pub Cheers during Swansea – Arsenal .

Länk: Göteborgs Posten (The Gothenburg Post)



2013-April  Arsenal Göteborg on Arsenal Fan TV

Beskrivning: Arsenal Göteborg is interviewed on Arsenal FanTV in April pre Arsenal – ManU.

Länk: Arsenal Fan TV



2013-Feb Q & A with  BK Häckens manager Peter ”PG” Gerhardsson

Intervju. Hosting a Q & A with Swedish Topflight Manager Peter Gerhardsson (BK Hacken, 3rd last year in the top division). Peter is a hardcore Gooner and talked about that he admiring Arsene Wenger and more. The Q and A can be found in the menu to the left. (GuestGooner. Its in Swedish, use Google Translate)

Länk Arsenal Göteborg


2012-Dec Arsenal Göteborgs  X-mas lottery 2012

Jullotteriet Fundraising to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. We collected 8950SEK thru our Christmas Lottery and thru our Facebook page. Amazing! At the same time our initiative the year before is picked up by the famous tv and radio profile Soran Ismail who gives us the credit for starting this great challange. (Musikhjälpen)

Länk: Our result at their official homepage


2012-Mars Arsenal Göteborg host Gooners during Arsenal Ladies visit

Arsenal Ladies. Arsenal Gothenburg hosted the Arsenal Supporters for the FC Goteborg – Arsenal Ladies
Champions League Game in Gothenburg. 120 Gooners sang from kickoff to the Ref ended the game. The Ladies came and applauded us after the game. Alot of pictures from the game was shown at

Länk: Arsenal FC Homepage


2011-Dec Jesper ”Jeppe” Larsson på Musikhjälpen

Musikhjälpen . Fundraising to Musikhjälpen, Arsenal Gothenburg appeared in Swedish National Television/Radio and challange others supporterclubs to beat us. Musikhjalpen is a cooperation between Swedish TV and Radio. Thanks to our challange alot of money came in when other clubs responded to it.

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